What Sets Us Apart

The majority of the therapies at Badenhaüs are “Self Serve Therapies”. These provide the following benefits.

  • They create a very social environment
  • They create a spa experience that can last an entire day – extremely economically

The setting of the facility’s design appeals to both sexes. In fact our type of spa draws almost as many men as women 60/40 ratio whereas typical treatment spas are a 92/8 ratio women to men. This natural setting therefore opens the door to a much larger audience.

A couple relaxing on a massage table at Badenhaus Spa

Our setting is very “Romance”. Couples further love to relax together and when we add a fine dining element and private couples pergolas, they have the perfect setting.

Our spas focus on stimulating all of the senses:

  1. Touch through all of the various massage, reflexology and facial treatments
  2. Smell from lavender and eucalyptus, or from the many gardens or smoldering fire pits
  3. Taste from award winning food creations or wine tasting experiences
  4. Sight from the beautiful setting with steam erupting from hot pools to flowing waterfalls and natural landscaping
  5. Sounds of local birds to cascading water, to“chill” music nights on selected evenings and the sounds of crackling fires
All of these things stimulate the Mind, Body and Soul – which is what Badenhaüs is truly focused on.