Understanding the Business Model

When entering Badenhaüs, guests immediately feel as if they have escaped from the everyday stresses of life; escaping to a place where they can focus on themselves.

Focusing not only on physical appearances, but on their health and well-being, guests are encouraged to visit Badenhaüs as regularly they can to Revitalizes, Rejuvenates and Replenishes (R.R.R.) their Mind, Body and Soul.

Each room is professionally designed and reflects Badenhaüs’ core brand image and values. Drawing it’s inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s award winning home – “Falling Water”, Badenhaüs has even opened a relationship with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to licence some of the proprietary furniture designs for the facilities. The spa features beautifully decorated massage rooms, pavilions, solariums, terraces, outdoor fireplaces and relaxation areas perfectly integrated into each locations surrounding natural settings.

Although Badenhaüs offers many of the services that traditional day spas delivers, what truly differentiates Badenhaüs from other “Day Spas” is our focus on creating a Full-Service Wellness Centre. Through the introduction of ancient European bathing rituals, among many other unique services that heal the whole person, Badenhaüs will focus on providing lifestyle changing settings and not just ones of treatments for relaxation purposes solely. That coupled with the many social elements through the various restaurants, patios and wine cellars, will make our facilities truly unique places.