Badenhaüs Concept

Badenhaüs is an Urban Oasis focused on the support of the whole person – starting from the Inside and moving then to the Out – by providing a full-service spa and wellness experience that Revitalizes, Rejuvenates and Replenishes (R.R.R.) the Mind, Body and Soul (M.B.S.).

What we mean by that is:


  • Enhanced clarity and focus
  • Help in achieving a new state of well being
  • Increased level of confidence
  • Improved ability to concentrate and make sound decisions
  • Contribute to a sense of Balance and Inner Peace


  • Detoxify the body and helps to prevent illness
  • Increase the level of energy and strength
  • Contribute towards building a stronger cardiovascular and respiratory system
  • Increase the level of physical fitness
  • Revitalize and maintain youthful beauty and health
  • Increase metabolism


  • Provide an ideal location to practice and experience the effects of deep meditation and relaxation
  • Support a centered state of well-being
  • Help achieve a sense of happiness, inner peace and freedom from clutter
  • Increase levels of self awareness and overall clarity
Health and wellness aren’t something that can be purchased once or twice a year, it takes a true commitment – a commitment that involves a level of consistency.

Woman relaxing in a Badenhaus spa pool