Name and Logo

Badenhaus logo and name

As a starting point to establishing a brand for this new and revolutionary facility and our industry leading approach to Scandinavian spa services, the development of an appropriate name concept was undertaken. But first, lets do a little background.

To begin, most people do not know that:

“S.P.A. is an acronym which in Latin means Sanus Per Aquam”

In English this means – “Health Through Water

The term originally came from the Romans, who were instrumental in making the original spas and steam baths in Europe

We are often asked if our concept will be a fad over time. The answer quite simply is “NO”!

As we just confirmed the Romans were instrumental in creating the original hot baths and steam spas.One of the most popular places that the Romans developed with these amazing treatment facilities was an area, which is now in Germany, called Baden Baden. In fact, some of the original sites are homes to modern thermal spas today.

“So a fad, we would say defiantly not!”

So what about our name? Let’s break it down:

“Baden” after this famous spa center (town) that means “Bath” or “place of the Bath Ritual” and “Hauswhich” loosely means “House”

Hence – “a place to spa bathe” Badenhaüs

The Swiss Cross was also implemented, as it is an international sign of healing and protection. It is also the symbol of the Teutonic order of Germany which we felt was fitting with the concept. The Red Swiss Cross was also used in its entirety as the logo for the Red Cross.