Green Practices and Energy Recovery

It’s in everyone’s best interest to lessen the human footprint on the environment and re-use wherever possible.

Here are some examples of how Badenhaüs is a pacesetter in each local community in regards to Green initiatives.

  1. Heat from wastewater is recovered through heat transfer technology where heat is taken from wastewater and used to pre-heat water going to the boiler, This water will come from back-washing hot tubs, kitchen water, shower and bathroom water and laundry.
  2. Water is recycled from showers and taps into grey water where it is then used for flushing toilets. That water is then treated and released into retention ponds.
  3. To reduce plastic bottle waste we make available (for sale) stainless steel water thermoses that can be filled at water stations around the site
  4. Alternative boiler heating systems like pellet furnaces and solar will be implemented
  5. If possible geo thermal for onsite cooling
  6. Irrigation will be sourced from rainwater falloff

A woman relaxing and meditating in a forest