Company Profile

The vision of the Badenhaüs business model is to offer something distinctly different from what is currently available at traditional ‘Day Spas’ in North America.

By focusing on a traditional Scandinavian “Hot/Cold Therapy Cycle” that ends with a relaxation period, we create a spa environment that focuses on wellness rather than simply outer beauty.

Although we focus on an array of “Self Serve Therapies”, we still provide traditional spa services like facials, pedicures and massage. The setting is peaceful & romantic and attracts couples seeking to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company or just individuals needing some special “Me Time”.

Traditional spas concentrate on individual therapies and treatments, which can be very expensive, time consuming and can even require an overnight stay. However, often there are cases where a technician or therapist isn’t available and consumers feel like they have just completed an “assembly line of services” and then rushed out the door to make room for the next customer – but not at Badenhaüs. Many spas also have a clinical stigma to them whereas Badenhaüs was conceived as a “Full Service Resort” – a True Urban Oasis.